Blackcurrant harvest

Blackcurrants are harvested during the first fortnight in July, or even at the end of June now, the date on which fruit picking starts being decided according to the sugar level contained in the berries and their correct phenolic maturity.

The mechanically harvested blackcurrants are then immediately sent to their place transformation or storage. So as to implement a complete traceability of the fruit, each parcel is identified with the producer’s name and the variety of blackcurrant harvested, traceability begins with the growing cycle of the bush and continues until it reaches the customer.

Some photos of the blackcurrant plant cycle:

1 The blackcurrant bush likes the cold and requires low temperatures during the winter, which explains its northern localisation in France and its presence in eastern and northern Europe. The blackcurrant offers two productions: the fruit in the summer and the bud in the winter.

2 Certain blackcurrant parcels are thus dedicated to the harvest of fruit and others, to the harvest of buds: these have 2 destinations:

  • The perfume industry, mainly in the region of GRASSE: if the odour of the bud is not particularly delightful, it nevertheless plays an essential role in the preparation of a perfume since it fixes the other perfumed notes.
  • Homeopathy since the blackcurrant bud offers a number of virtues.

3 Flowers of the blackcurrant bushes in April: they give off a subtle, light and delicate perfume.

4 Blackcurrant berries reach maturity in July