Sustainable agriculture

I have chosen to work with farms that respect the principles of Sustainable Agriculture, which is in complete keeping with our own methods of working.

Sustainable agriculture corresponds to global approaches to farm management of the exploitation that aim, beyond regulatory compliance, to strengthen the positive impacts of agricultural practices on the environment and to reduce the negative effects, without calling into question the economic profitability of these concerns

Since 10 May 2001, sustainable agriculture has been given a clear legal framework set out in article L.640 3 of the Code Rural. Decree n° 2002-631 published in the Journal Officiel of 28 April 2002 defines sustainable agriculture as follows:

“The methods of sustainable production in agriculture consist in the implementation, by the farmer, throughout the smallholding and in a global approach to these methods, of technical means and agricultural practices in compliance with the requirements of the sustainable agriculture standard requirements. The standard requirements concern the protection of the environment, the control of sanitary risks, health and safety at work and the well-being of animals”.